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File on Time!

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Healing Results

As you know, I requested a long distance healing from John of God, Brazil. I was instructed to take a 3 month supply of passiflora, an herb, to help facilitate the healing. This supply was blessed by one of the entities that John of God channels. While I was taking these herbs, the chronic pain in my knee disappeared. Unfortunately, I had to stop taking the herbs before I completed the passiflora because I was getting an upset stomach from taking them. As soon as I stopped taking the herbs, my knee began to hurt again, which was disappointing. In John of God's biography, people who didn't complete the healing process experienced a relapse of sorts. I am wondering if this is what happened in this case. After about two months of knee pain, the pain has leveled off. It doesn't hurt every day, and I am careful not to twist my knee, which would cause pain. I hope one day I could meet John of God in person for a healing.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Healing Hands

Have you heard of a man called John of God? He is a channeler who lives in Brazil. He channels over 30 spiritual entities who work through him to heal people of their physical ailments. There are many people who have testified that they have been healed by the channeled spiritual entities.

The three main spiritual entities have lived past lives as doctors. These entities perform healings and psychic surgery on those who are candidates for surgery. The healed people have been examined by traditional medical doctors, who have seen such things as perfect incisions, and noticeable shrinkage of tumors and malignant masses. In many cases, cancerous tissue have either disappeared or cancerous growth once spread out throughout the body have gathered in one part of the body to be easily removed by a traditional medical surgeon.

Even more interesting, is that long distance healing treatments are available. Recipients of long distance healings have also experienced positive results and are no longer suffering from pain or from physical ailments. I have recently used the long distance healing treatment to alleviate annoying, but not life threatening, physical ailments. I will be writing about my experiences in future blogs.

On the 7 Mile Drive to Carmel, CA

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It's Winter Time!

The leaves are falling all over the place!

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